Sunday Morning Bible Sessions

Contact: Lakeside Lutheran Church Office (252) 586-6778

Sunday Morning Bible Study & Christian Education Sessions:

To help you further your Christian Education experience, Lakeside Lutheran provides Sunday
morning sessions consisting of a variety of studies. We sometimes have Study Series based on
the different Books and characters of the Bible along with studies of the Miraculous and
Wonderful Stories of the Bible. We also sometimes do studies based on Prayer, History of
Christianity and the people who sacrificed so much to see that God’s Word was preached,
taught and carried on through the generations.
Sunday Morning Bible Sessions normally start at 9:15 AM, during the months of January
& February our starting time is 10:45. All are welcome to join us and participate in these
study sessions. You need not be a member of Lakeside Lutheran to join in our studies, we hope
that we can help provide you with the Scriptural learning you are seeking.
Please join us anytime and share with us the Love of Christ through His Word.

About the Word of God

The people of God are bound together, informed, nourished and supported by the Word of God.
The Word is dynamic, that is, ever living. The Word has lived among God’s children in many
ways, and throughout generations.
God’s visits to the likes of Abraham and Moses
God’s call to and inspiration of the Prophets
The Word as flesh in Jesus Christ
The Word as the indwelling Holy Spirit
The Word conveyed through centuries in The Scriptures
The Word proclaimed by the Church in spoken and acted forms
The Word is at the heart of the Christian faith and it remains vital to God’s people.